The New Leader L4000G4 is a culmination of the best of the best!
New Hydraulic Components
The new style reservoir improves
efficiencies and serviceability with a 24 gallon (90 liter) capacity, built-in suction strainer, and an in-tank return filter to capture contaminates. New Leader’s oil cooler keeps oil temperature low, ensuring peak performance and longer component life.
Raven Servo Valve
The new, enhanced servo valve reacts with a more positive start and stop operation, resulting in a more accurate rate control. In addition, the new alloy valve body reduces corrosion.
Patented G4 Spinner Assembly
(Patent #6,517,218)
The New Leader G4 variable rate broadcaster spreads material farther, wider, and more consistently. It includes predetermined settings for fertilizer, urea, ag lime, and wet lime to simplify spread pattern testing and daily application. In addition, a new style spinner motor features a stainless steel shaft
sleeve and heavy-duty bearing assembly to extend the life of the motor seals.
New Leader 7™ Precision Application Controller
To extend the life of the conveyor, the
L4000G4 incorporates a pressurized
chain oiler with adjustable spray nozzles
and an optional remote switch, allowing
fast and simple lubrication.
Pressurized Chain Oiler
Available from Ag Leader, the NL7™ controller features a touch screen monitor, color graphics, easy installation and operation, and the ability to control up to three granular
products. It also features the patented SmartActuator™ technology that adjusts fan frame positions from the convenience of the cab. The feedgate also automatically adjusts to ensure consistent applications.
The L4000G4 uses the best components as standard equipment.
The L400G4 standard body width is 102" (258cm) with 6" (15cm) side extensions, and includes a bolted-in rear end gate for greater structural integrity.