Add value to your existing New Leader dry box spreader with the addition of a MicroBinTM micronutrient spreader attachment.
The MicroBin is an add-on hopper that allows you to spread granular micronutrients or seeds as a second or third product. Ideal products include zinc, sulfur and seeds such as canola and barley. By adding the MicroBin hopper, you can broadcast multiple product applications in one pass. This design is ideal for variable rate application. With the addition of the optional New Leader MultApplier unit, three products can be applied independently.
Proven Performance
The low maintenance and lightweight 304 stainless steel hopper has a large 11 cu. ft. capacity that can hold 1100 lbs. of product. Product rates range from 3 lbs. to 35 lbs. A hydraulic driven metering wheel ensures a smooth and accurate placement of product directly onto the material divider. The metering wheel removes easily for service and cleaning.
Quick, Easy and Safe Filling
Filling is made easy by the use of a pneumatic system (not provided with the unit). The vented hopper can be quickly loaded within four minutes from the safety of the ground, so there's no need to climb on the unit to load heavy, awkward bags. The design of the pneumatic filling system ensures a complete fill of the hopper every time. Auger filling is also made easy with the MicroBin’s top mounted cap. A site window provides additional assurance that the hopper has been properly filled and a bin level sensor alerts you when product is running low.
Eliminate Blending Contamination
Multiple bin spreading eliminates blending contamination that can ruin crops. Spreading multiple products in one pass reduces man hours, field compaction and fuel consumption by reducing trips across the
field. All these benefits add up to a higher rate of return on your investment.
The MicroBin is available for all current production New Leader models with 102” x 6” body design including:
• L3020G4 Ag Lime & Fertilizer Spreader
• L3020XP Extreme Performer
• L3030G4 Fertilizer Spreader
• L3220G4 MultApplier-Ready
• L3220G4 MultApplier

Contact factory for availability of retrofit kits for older units.
*The New Leader MicroBin is not intended for herbicide products.