Ag Leader’s DirectCommand™
Ag Leader’s DirectCommand™ system, controlled through the INTEGRA™ or EDGE™ display, offers complete control over application operations. Both full-color, touchscreen displays offer real-time coverage mapping and data logging, in addition to easy installation and operation. DirectCommand’s AutoSwath feature reduces overapplication by automatically turning the applicator on/off. The EDGE display offers the capability for dual-product control, while the INTEGRA display can control application for up to four products and also includes the Smart Report™ feature for easy application reporting.

The L160 CAN bus Lightbar features an easy-to-read display and configurable LED spacing. A companion guidance system to either the EDGE or INTEGRA display, its compact design makes it the ideal guidance tool for dash or windshield mounting, providing the operator with an easy view.
Both the EDGE and INTEGRA displays include a built-in, full-featured guidance system with an on-screen lightbar. This is ideal for the operator who wants a complete precision system with integrated guidance – or the operator who wants guidance, but anticipates expanding their use of precision technologies and does not want to make a redundant investment in a guidance system.