Drawn Dry Box Spreaders
 Drawn Dry Box Spreaders
Built upon the proven design of the New Leader L3220G4/MultApplier-Ready spinner spreader, the Drawn Dry Box Spreaders are designed for flexibility and low maintenance. By using New Leader’s patented G4 technology and a belt-over-chain conveyor, the Drawn Dry Box Spreader spreads material farther, wider, and more consistently than any other dry applicator. By adding the MultApplier insert, the Drawn Dry Box Spreader adds efficiency by spreading multiple product applications in one pass, and is ideal for variable rate application of single and dual products.
Drawn Dry Box Spreaders are designed for commercial applicators that demand high capacity and performance for spreading ag lime and dry fertilizer. The Drawn Dry Box Spreader is a high output, large capacity spreader that uses the
tractor for its source of power. It delivers a greater return on asset for customers who utilize their tractors for other field operations including anhydrous ammonia, strip-till, and side dress applications
• Struck capacity of 345 ft³ (9.77 cu. m) for single bin configuration.
• Body constructed of 409 stainless steel.
• High floatation tires leave a light foot print despite massive payload.
Conveyor System:
• 30” (76 cm) #4 belt-over-chain capable of spreading ag lime & fertilizer.
• Consistently applies up to 60 ft (18 m) spread patterns with ag lime and 90 ft (27 m) for fertilizer.
• 24” (61 cm) wide feedgate can be expanded up to 11” (28 cm) tall to handle large ag lime rates.
Call John Williams at 1-815-875-1953 or email: john.w@mchenrymachineco.com for sizes and modifications available.
Custom Built Model Features:
• Tubular frame and hitch construction made of 4" X 8" X 3/8" steel
• Kinze spindles and hubs with 46" X 28" 16 ply tires on tandem axels.
• Sand blasted and painted the color of your choice.
• Spreader mounted on trailer with hydraulics hooked up.
• Does not include rate controller.
model pictured above